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I offer cosmetology packages to be included into my photography packages!

Hi My Name Is Kaitlyn!

I have been doing photography for over 15 years and have loved every step of the way. It amazing, but in today’s world technology is constantly evolving so make it a point to stay on top of technological trends by continuing my education. You should never stop learning especially if you want your business to grow. Learning is part of development!

With that said, above I am pictured doing a bridesmaid’s makeup! I take pride in my creative ability and decided to make the leap in winter of 2017 to continue my education in cosmetology. I graduated from cosmetology school in the winter of 2018 and now I incorporate my photography business with my cosmetology skills. During my portrait shoots I inform each client of mine the flexibility to be able to style their hair and do their makeup before their shoot with me! It is a major convenience for my clients and gives them the comfort of knowing that they don’t have to get all pampered up before they meet me!

Making my clients lives a little less stressful in this hectic life is what I aim to do with my business and being able to offer additional packages like my cosmetology package in addition to my shoots helps provide just that!

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