Let’s Make It Legal And Say I Do!

Let’s, make it legal… literally.

When Kellie contacted me and let me know she was an attorney at law and wanted to be the first to say her vows at Howard County’s brand new circuit court, I jumped at the opportunity. The new court house located in Ellicott City, MD not only has the most ideal lighting I have EVER seen a court house have but the setting itself was breath taking! The court house stands alone and faces 360* of greenery!

Kellie and her now husband Fred, a Major in the United States Army, said their I DO’s in front of close family and friends. Kellie had the opportunity to work alongside a Judge who later became a dear friend and their officiant for their ceremony. Isn’t that just the sweetest legal proceeding you have ever heard of!?

Also, I happen to know I can say ‘legal proceeding’ because signatures were signed and dated in front of witnesses and the officiant (aka Judge). Oh yeah, and they both filed their marriage license’s right then and there!

Seriously though, how convenient is that!!?

Okay, now onto their vows. I can’t emphasize enough just how pure and raw (hate using that word, but it applies), their emotions flowed in that court room. From each word uttered out of their mouth, to their tone and body language it was easy for tears to flow. As a wedding photographer you come in contact with many different couples at different points in their lives and I could tell right off the bat that these two met at the perfect time.

Their love can be seen and felt from both he & she. While this might be something that many people would assume obvious on someones wedding day, it’s honestly not always the case!┬áKellie & Fred have lived. They have had the opportunity to witness life apart from one another. To go through the struggles of life apart from one another. And they have had the pleasure of life and their experiences to bring them that much closer together.

That to me is something fairytales should be written about.

Their love is real and I am so glad I had the opportunity to capture their wedding day & for you to get to experience their highlights through my lens.

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