Jerel & Kimberly’s Decade Inspired Engagement

I had the pleasure of meeting Jerel & Kimberly for their evening engagement session in Washington, DC at the Lincoln Memorial at 7:45 pm. At this hour, on this day, the tourist were coming in by the numbers with more than 6 busses surrounding the local area… To say I had to combat angles was an understatement!

I have been over the moon about Jerel & Kimberly’s decade inspired engagement session since I first talked with them back in January of this year. Kimberly informed me that they were going to do a decade themed engagement shoot inspired by the year 1950. I had yet to have a couple choose a theme for an engagement session, so as you can probably tell by my repetition, I was SUPER DUPER excited!

We started on the side of the Lincoln Memorial for Jerel & Kimberly’s decade inspired engagement session and eventually made our way down to the Reflecting Poole. There we finished up the shoot with a little slow dance as jazz music softly played in the background by a local artist. Talk about the perfect ambiance and not to mention, Jerel was not afraid to show off his moves, thanks Jerel!

I’d love to know what you all think of this shoot. I personally loved it and really hope to get more themed engagement sessions in the books. So please, if you know anyone that is to-be-engaged or is currently engaged and wants to have a fun decade themed (whatever themed) engagement session, send them my way!!!

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