A First Look At Forever Shared Amongst Friends

Maria and her husband Austin decided to forego their original wedding plans– last year COVID uprooted their big wedding however like many couples they decided to proceed with a minimoney. Last year they exchanged their vows with the presence of their direct family… This year they got to celebrate their union with their friends!

Maria and Austin never got to have a first look in their originally planned attire… until now.

Before I share these beautiful images with you I want to share their story.

Maria and Austin are both theater teachers, which I absolutely love about them! Their kindness and generosity was immediately the first thing I noticed about them. In the images below you will be able to witness Maria’s gentle smile and the warmth she brings to Austin. You will also see how Austin’s quick wit humor and charm helps to keep Maria calm and keep laughing, (which came in handy during their shoot)!

They met in college at their University. Maria at the time was driven and focused on her academics. She was living her life to its fullest and nothing could get in her way. Then she opened a message noted: From Austin. She had caught Austins’ eye. At the time Maria wasn’t sure she wanted to jump into a relationship as she was so happy and comfortable on her own.

Well, say la vie ladies!!

The next thing Maria knew she and Austin were out on their first date and thats all it took they were hooked!

If you didn’t know, I’m a firm believer in finding true love when you least expect it and Maria and Austin are the perfect example of this!

As you glance through Maria and Austin’s day, I hope you are able to connect through their story and see their personalities pulled out from the images.

Thank you for viewing!

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