Sing me a song

Sing me a song…

Have you ever had anyone write a song for you?

That’s exactly what Tierra did for Fred. I think that throughout their entire wedding day nothing hit me as hard as the beautifully written song Tierra wrote and recorded for Fred. She had the DJ play it before cutting the cake together and it was the perfect time because it was the least expected. It captivated the guest and brought tears to the bridal party. Her voice is one of angels. The connection this couple, Tierra and Fred have with the Lord is something only seen and felt in movies.

For the first time ever at a wedding did the officiant and pastor ever look to the audience to pray for each one of us. I remember sitting there amongst the guest as we prayed. He asked each one of us to close our eyes. As he continued in prayer he asked us to open our eyes only if we felt we haven’t been close to the Lord and are looking to do right. He asked us to slowly open our eyes so that those of us who have felt disconnected he could make eye contact with to let us know that we are seen and loved.

This is just one example of just how deep and rich Tierra and Fred’s connection with the Lord truly is. They allowed time for not just themselves that day, but for each and every one of us to have a moment in time to be considered and to have our presence on their day be felt. It was a first for me to witness this as a professional wedding photographer and one I will never forget.

Their wedding brought together people from all walks of life and upbringing. They do not judge. Tierra and Fred are patient, calm and understanding and it was a pleasure being able to capture their wedding day!

Here are some of their highlights!

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